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H.T.S Services

Exceeding Our Members' Expectations

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Account Management Services

We provide mediation services for our members' telecommunication accounts anytime they need them. Our company has years of knowledge and experience in the telecommunication industry that allow us to manage members' accounts sufficiently.

Innovative Tech Support

Our members who are not tech-savvy know that we are always here to assist them with technical issues. We assign members with IT professionals who are happy to help. Our goal is to make sure our members' electronic devices are working at all times.

Electronic Protection Services

We know how expensive it is to repair an electronic device that is damaged or one that suddenly stops working. To protect our members from this, we created an affordable method to cover the cost of repairing and replacing their electronic devices.

Membership Benefits

Explore the benefits of becoming a member  

Our Member's Testimonials

I spent over three months not using my computer because I couldn't afford the repair cost quoted to me by repair shops in my area. I tried calling my internet service provider technical team for help. They wanted to charge me over sixty dollars to send a tech out with no guarantee they could fix my issue. I saw an HTS brochure and decided to give them a call about their services. I signed up for the tech support membership plan. The tech agent assigned to me fixed my computer issue in no time. I'm happy I discovered this company.

My son lives forty-five minutes away from me so you can imagine how much I dislike asking him to help me fix my computer. He was the first person to recommend this company to me, so I decided to try them out by signing up for one of their membership plans. I got assigned an IT support specialist who is very professional and knowledgeable about tech. Whenever I have issues with my devices, he is always here to help. I'm glad I signed up with this company.

Tina, Wilson, NC

Barbara, Smithville, NC

I'm a disabled senior citizen that needed someone to help me learn how to use my computer and a few other devices. Every company I called wanted to charge me a ridiculous price for their services. I heard about this company through a postcard I received in the mail. I was impressed with the type of services they provided, so I decided to give them a call and sign up for their tech support membership plan. My assigned tech was able to teach an old dog new tricks. I'm glad I chose to do business with this company.

I signed up with this company because I get more bang for my buck with their IT services. They replaced a damaged power adapter in my home free of charge, they also don't charge for home service visits, my tech guy is extremely knowledgeable, and the membership comes with a credit limit that I can use to purchase tech items. I have nothing but good things to say about this company and their services.

George, Rockymount, NC

David, Raleigh, NC

My neighbor was the first to tell me about this company. I was telling her, I needed someone to look at my computer because it was running slow. She told me about their membership plans and company perks. I like what I heard about them and decided to give them a call. They came to my home and diagnosed my computer, gave me the turnaround time, and fixed every issue I had. This company comes with so many benefits I honestly couldn't name them all. I am just glad I signed up for their services.

 I'm a senior citizen who doesn't know much about technology. I signed up for this company tech support and account management membership plans for peace of mind. I depend on my phone, internet, and computer to communicate with my loved ones. Many of my doctors are also using the internet to monitor my health condition. I love that my assigned tech is always willing to assist me and keep my devices running smoothly. I've already recommended this company to four of my friends who are also senior citizens. 

Carol, Greenville, NC

Donna, New Bern, NC

I've benefited from this company more times than I can count. I've had issues with computer viruses, television failure,  and internet connectivity issues. My assigned tech was able to fix all of them for me in no time. I'm always well informed by this company when it comes to technology. The membership price is extremely affordable for a retired individual like myself. The membership benefits are also well worth it. It's a blessing to have a company like HTS.

Kenny, Goldsboro, NC

I signed up with this company because I was impressed with their professionalism and the way they operate their business. The membership plans are affordable. The signup process is quick, simple, and straightforward. I got assigned a capable IT support specialist who knows what he is doing. I refer this company to all my family and friends that's how impressed I am with their services.

Richard, Jacksonville, NC


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